We choose the sites very carefully for both your interest and comfort and also choose a location that can make a difference for the locals. These projects are a co-operative venture an opportunity for two cultures to learn from each other. Globalisation without stealing. We minimise the impact on the beautiful lanscape and traditional Balinese use of the land and will not build in ricefields. You can again enjoy the sounds of nature without the sound and pollution of cars and motorbikes.

You will watch the fascinating process of preparing, planting and harvesting of rice.

It is very important to keep the rice field character of Bali which is now so often destroyed during the provision of services for the very people coming to Bali to experience it.

Homes are grouped to provide privacy and to share paths and services and to promote community interaction. Grouping allows us to work with Balinese families to serve each group of houses. This integration of the local element can happily extend to friendships, education, cultural exchange, invitations to ceremonies, guide service, language training, trade, room and meals service, rentals, errands and transportation. We see the little housing development as an opportunity to share some of our skills with the villagers creating a symbolic relationship where all parties can grow in a healthy way. Your skill, actions and resources can really make a difference. We are there as temporary stewards of their land, and the land can become richer for our presence. We are all teachers.

Bali T House Kaja